Md is focused on imagination. The scope of bespoke garments is limitless, and represents a departure from traditional retail. While some bespoke tailors simply craft blue and white shirts, Md believes in bringing the most unique ideas into fruition.

The benefit of a bespoke wardrobe from Md stems from our completely custom process. From your initial, one-on-one consultation, to each fitting and delivery of the final product, garments are individually styled for you and by you. Our consultants take into consideration your individual body shape, style preferences and, of course, your unique ideas.

Regardless of where you find your wardrobe inspiration, Md can capture your own personal style. Some clients are hesitant about wearing what they see, but we ensure that every garment is custom designed for you and your lifestyle. Your imagination is limitless, and so too should be your style.

“It’s one thing to dream up an idea, and another to actually create it. Whatever you see, wherever you see it...we can craft it. We believe in bringing the most unique ideas into fruition. We believe in executing the unimaginable.” -Marlon Durrant

Building your best wardrobe remains our priority. Md is—and always has been—devoted to creating excellent custom garments that fit the needs and lifestyles of our clients. We look forward to discussing your unique ideas at your next fitting to create a truly individualized look.