Md is showcasing its seamless ability to switch your style. With removable collars and cuffs, you can quickly change up the look of your shirt. Dress it up, or dress it down; convert from business to formal...and back again.

What originated as a way for customers to switch out the ring around the collar for a fresh one, has developed into a unique style experience. Now, before you hit that afternoon board meeting, you can swap out your collar for a fresh one, without having to change your shirt.

If you’re going out for drinks after work, you can dress down a formal collar to a band one, or change up the style of your cuffs. With a virtually invisible attachment mechanism, Md’s look is seamless with no compromise to style.

Building your best wardrobe remains our priority. Md is—and always has been—devoted to creating excellent custom garments that fit the needs and lifestyles of our clients. Ask about our removable collars and cuffs at your next fitting for a truly individualized look.