Md clients have the option of investing in The Tailor’s Dozen Box, which includes 12 bespoke shirts plus 2 complimentary bespoke shirts, The Tailor’s Half Dozen Box, which includes 6 shirts, or purchasing a minimum order of 3 bespoke shirts. Both The Tailor’s Dozen and Tailor’s Half Dozen options come in handmade boxes, designed and manufactured by Milton Durrant, the father of our founder, Marlon Durrant. Milton is a sign artist whose work gives your high-quality order the packaging it deserves.  Read more

Prices Starting at
Minimum Order of 3 Shirts - $475 per shirt
Tailor’s Half Dozen (6 Bespoke Shirts) - $425 per shirt
Tailor’s Dozen (12 Bespoke Shirts + 2 Complimentary Bespoke Shirts) - $375 per shirt

Md's partnership with Creeds Dry Cleaning means your custom lifestyle experiences continues beyond our studio. If you purchase a Tailor's Dozen from Md, we'll cover the dry cleaning of your shirts at Creeds once every two weeks for the first three months. 

For more information or to book a consultation at Md Bespoke contact us here.